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Part of the LGBTQ Community? How You Can Benefit From a LGBTQ Counsellor

Some individuals instinctively know that they belong to the LGBTQ community. They come out, they are accepted, and all in all, they have a great life. Other people have a much more difficult time. They may struggle with who they are as a person and may not even be sure which category they fall into. Other people struggle with coming out to others, while others may not be openly accepted when they do come out. This is where a gay therapist or LGBTQ counsellor can come into play.

A gay therapist or LGBTQ counsellor can help you with all aspects of being who you are as a person. This includes helping you to learn who you are as a person, helping you decide when and where to come out to and to who you want to come out to, to deal with anyone who may or may not accept you, to living your life out and open about who you truly are. A counsellor can help you to deal with any feelings of sadness, anger, or even anxiety that you have in terms of your sexuality.

Here at Fok the Counsellor, we have gay and lesbian therapists, non-binary and transgender therapists, and LGBTQ counsellors. We have the experience of helping and guiding you on your journey at your own pace, giving you the emotional support you need to make it through some life-altering moments. Our understanding of the LGBTQIA social situation and the challenges they may face, allows us to be a more understanding counsellor for your situation. Reach out to us today via email to schedule an appointment.

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