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Marianne B(She/Her)

  • BPS - Registered membership (graduate): 500804

  • BACP (applied - pending) - as: registered member 

  • HCPC (applied - pending) - as: psychotherapist 

 English and German Counselling available

The University of Oxford 

– DPhil (Doctorate) in Experimental Psychology (Currently Studying)

Columbia University

– MA Clinical Psychology

Freie Universität Berlin

– B.Sc. Psychology

As an LGBTIQ+ individual and counselor, I am mainly using systemic therapy and existential therapy (e.g. Logotherapy). I believe that a fundamental understanding of a person's context, social and interpersonal connections, as well as their individual development, are tantamount to psychological, emotional well-being, to finding a true sense of identity and self. 


In the therapy sessions, we can explore how psychological strain and suffering in the present moment might be connected to your social surrounding, your interpersonal relationships or habits and patterns that did have some function in the past but might not be applicable anymore in the present moment. 


For course, sometimes an evaluation of thought patterns or emotion regulation strategies might be needed too! Thus, I typically offer a combination of more holistic approaches and some good-old CBT based techniques. 


I have worked with LGBTIQ+ youth and adults in the past and I also particularly enjoy working with couples. 




M Fok

Trilingual, UK, Australia and HK Registered Counsellor


The University of Reading

– Postgraduate Diploma Evidence-Based Psychological Treatment (CBT) (Currently Studying)

Monash University (Group of Eight)

– Master of Counselling

– Graduate Diploma of Counselling

Deakin University

– Bachelor of Applied Science (Psychology)

As a non-binary therapist with a BAME and LGBTQIA background, I specialised in LGBTQIA-focused counselling and gender transitioning counselling. I have worked with a variety of clients who struggled with emotional difficulties, traumatic experiences, depression, and stress. Many of their struggles are often caused by their unique identity in society, including people with different identities, sexual orientations, and racial backgrounds.


Ever since I was young, I knew I wanted to get into a path that allows me to help people by making a difference in their lives. This interest led me to study psychological science and counselling and eventually became a full-time therapist. As a member of the LGBTQIA and BAME society, I understand the struggles and difficulties that being unique and different might bring to you, your life, and potentially your family. However, I truly believe with the right support and finally being heard and understood, is the very first step to overcome these struggles and be able to make some changes and improvements in life that fit your expectation. 

English and Cantonese Counselling available, Limited and Urgent Mandarin Chinese Counselling also available 




Tanky T

Trilingual ACA (Australia) & APCPA (Hong Kong) Registered Counsellor

Cantonese and Mandarin counselling only

Chinese Culture University
-    Master of Counseling Psychology
Deakin University
-    Bachelor of Applied Science (Psychology)

I am a counselor raised and trained in some complex cultural contexts. From the initial training framework of psychodynamic orientation, I learned that individual pain comes from within; under the guidance of a feminist supervisor, I understand that individual pain is inseparable from the adaptability of social systems, especially culture and situation Conflict between veins; In studying and working in cognitive behavioral therapy, I learned that change is not as difficult as you think, as long as you are willing.

我是一名在一些複雜的文化背景下成長和受訓的輔導員。從最初心理動力取向的訓練框架,我了解到個體的痛苦來自內在; 在一個女性主義導督的指導下,我明白到個體的痛苦與社會制度的適應性是無法分開的,尤其是文化與情景脈絡之間的衝突; 在認知行為治療的學習和工作中,我了解到改變並不像你想像的那麼困難,只要你願意的話。


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