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Have you ever faced judgement or disapproval for your sexual orientation, identity, gender identity, life choices, or who you are as a person? It can be challenging to navigate daily life while facing questions or criticism from friends, family, or others. Sometimes, we even question ourselves if we are "normal" or if we are making the right choices. These thoughts can make it difficult to have confidence in who we are and to find happiness.

LGBTQ+ & Non-Binary specialist Therapist
廣東話心理治療及心理輔導, 英國註冊心理學家
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English & Cantonese Counselling available

M Fok
LGBTQ+,  Gender & Non-Binary specialist Therapist to help you achieve your Happiness and Goals in Life 

Monash University (Group of Eight)

– Master of Counselling

– Graduate Diploma of Counselling

Deakin University

– Bachelor of Applied Science (Psychology)

Cantonese (廣東話) and English  Counselling available

Hong Kong Shue Yan University

– Master of Social Sciences in Counselling Psychology

– Bachelor of Social Sciences in Counselling and Psychology

Whitney Y
HCPC Registered Psychologist, Your Partner in Navigating Life Changes and Parenthood

Areas of expertise:
Early childhood trauma and attachment
Pregnancy, postnatal care and supporting parents
Adjusting to life transitions
Trauma, stress, anxiety and shame
Grief and loss
Challenges encountered in important life events
Children’s behavioural and emotional problems

English & German Counselling available

The University of Oxford 

– DPhil (Doctorate) in Experimental Psychology (Currently Studying)

Columbia University

– MA Clinical Psychology

Freie Universität Berlin

– B.Sc. Psychology

Marianne B
LGBTIQ+ Therapist specialised in holistic approaches and good-old CBT techniques. 

Cantonese (廣東話) and English  Counselling available

Ayuko H
Cantonese and English speaking 


University College London

– Master's degree in Child and Adolescent Mental Health

London South Bank University

– MSc Psychology 

University of Hong Kong

– Bachelor of Social Work

Cantonese (廣東話) and Mandarin (普通話) Counselling available

Tanky T
Cantonese and Mandarin-speaking Counsellor specialised in Psychodynamic and CBT 

Chinese Culture University
-    Master of Counseling Psychology
Deakin University
-    Bachelor of Applied Science (Psychology)

As members of the LGBTQIA and BAME communities, and as trained professionals, we understand the challenges that come with being unique and different. We believe that proper support and being heard and understood is the first step to overcoming these challenges and making positive changes in life.


LGBTQIA Focused Counselling

Life / Gender Transitioning Counselling

Individual Counselling in English, German & Cantonese (廣東話)


Multicultural Support Counselling


Couples Therapy
Construction Workers
Family Walking
Paper Heart
Direction Signs
Psychology Patient

"The greatest discovery of my generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of mind"

William James


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